Powerful Advocacy

David Vill, a former senior deputy district attorney with over 22 years of trial experience, is uniquely qualified to represent your legal interests. He is a highly successful trial attorney and negotiator. His areas of focus are Personal Injury Law, DUII Law, Traffic Law and Criminal Law.

Injury Law

DUII and Traffic Law

Criminal Law

Insurance Claims Diversion Expungements
Wrongful Death Breath Test Defenses Set Asides
Auto Accidents Illegal Stops Juvenile Offenses 
Industrial Accidents License Suspensions Shoplifting
Construction Accidents License Revocations Manslaughter
Aircraft Accidents Reckless Driving  Negligent Homicide
Pedestrian Accidents Driving While Suspended Assault
Bicycle Accidents Hit & Run Harassment
Motorcycle Accidents Municipal Offenses Drug Offenses
Boating Accidents DRE and Drug DUIIs Illegal Stops
Back Injuries Refusal Cases Illegal Searches
Neck Injuries Under .08 BAC Cases Diversions
Brain Injuries High BAC Cases Probation Violations
Limb Injuries Measure 11 Miranda Issues
Dog Bite Injuries Probationary Permits Measure 11
All Types of Injuries Hardship Permits Major Traffic Offenses
Ignition Interlock Devices